And like that, a new year has begun.

2013 was, like all human endeavor, awesome and exhausting. Let’s reflect a bit…

I left Canonical this year to work for Storybird, and I couldn’t be happier about that decision. Storybird is an awesome product, and the group of people I work with are fantastic. We’re a great mix of pop-culture references and technical savvy, and I look forward to work each day. As I phrased it on Twitter to a friend recently:

Great product, great people, interesting technical problems, but not frustratingly hard.

Outside of work, I’ve got some great memories/moments from this year as well: my kids took up competitive gymnastics (and excelled at it it!), Auburn somehow played their way into the national title for college football (the best sport in all the world), and I regularly recharged my creative juices in fun ways (Breaking Bad, a new PS4, and a few great books along the way).

The year ended on a sad note, though. My grandfather Gordon Hodge, after whom both my dad and I are named, passed away at age 89. His health had been in decline for 10 years. While it’s great to know he’s not suffering anymore, I’m also quite sad to see him go. He was a great man, a kind and loving man, and much of who I am as a person, came from him.

Before I became a software dev, I took a stab at making my living from music, which I did for some 10 years roughly. Early on in those days, I started a band, travelled the US, and got myself into a bit of debt. I was in over my head, 22 years old, and terrified. My grandfather bailed me out of that debt, and when he set me down to talk to me about it, he only said, “Don’t let this keep you from trying something again. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.”

I think he’d be proud to know that’s how I’ve lived my life, how I’ll continue to live it into 2014. Some things I’ll try will certainly work out, and some things won’t. The fun is in making the effort. Happy New Year!

2014 -- Go!