Hamilton and the 4th of July

Hamilton premiering on Disney+ was a big deal at our house, but then it hit me how appropriate this story is for the holiday weekend.

Hamilton and the 4th of July

I've been a Hamilton fan for a while now. I've listened to the original Broadway cast recording a lot. I mean, a lot. My oldest, Zoe, loves musical theater, and because of her love, I've come to love it, too. So Hamilton premiering on Disney+ was a big deal at our house. We had a nice little watch party last night.

It never dawned on me until I watched it, how appropriate Hamilton premiering here on the July 4th weekend is.

Independence is glorious and messy

Watching Hamilton, I was struck by how powerful and dangerous, how equally glorious and messy, our independence is. Our founding fathers were all as impressive as they were flawed. Independence is not just a single act, one that seperated us from England. It's also in our DNA.

Independence is what gives us people who can be both generous and selfish. A country where a founding father can create a national system of credit and banking, while also being gunned down in the streets in a ridiculous duel.

The trick now, like it was then, is to figure out how to be fiercely independent, while not destroying the thing we love.

Raise a glass. A toast...

To the groom. To the bride. To your union.

So here's to a happy Independence Day! May the union of our states, our young nation, continue to live up to the dream of what we might one day be. Cheers!