Hodgeblot 2.0

Hodgeblot 2.0

Does a minor blog update really need a version number? Of course not! But it's my site and it sounds good, so here we are with Hodgeblot 2.0, an updated version of my personal site. I'm hoping the fresh coat of paint, proverbially speaking, will inspire me to do a bit more writing here.

The main updates to the site are a new theme, an updated personal profile, and a better system for keeping the underlying blog engine updated.

New theme!

Ok, it's just the Ghost default theme, but still, it's a bit more "blogging" looking, if you will. Rather than the simple text site I had before. I may continue to tweak the theme over the next couple weeks, but I like the new look. I can switch out the header image depending on my mood.

The theme also inspired me do some work on the site's about page and my author profile. I'm also trying to tie this in with my other social profiles around the web. It's really just some web prescence grooming I've needed to do for some time now.

Technical matters

For those who care about the technical matters, I'm using the Ghost blog engine. It allows me to write in markdown, which I love. I also wrote a set of Ansible scripts to make it easy to keep the Digital Ocean host instance and the blog engine up to date.

Other than that, it's pretty vanilla Ghost. If you're looking for a modern but flexible blogging engine, I highly recommend Ghost. The ghost cli makes mangaing the server on my host easy peasy.

All in all I'm glad I took a couple days and freshened things up here. Holler @ me on Twitter if you want to chat more.