Pixar’s RenderMan turns 25

A long article, but absolutely worth the time if your curious about the software behind Pixar. There’s this gem early on:

I know software has its own cycle and certain things come and go and other things have a long life, like Unix, but to me, and I have always felt this, the only way something has a long life is if something keeps changing.

But the ending is moving, especially if you find yourself straddling the divide between art and science.

An integrated culture does not mean you have a technologist working with an artist, it means there are artists who are also technologists and there are technologist who are also artists, and frequently you can't even draw the line. And drawing a line between the two groups becomes fruitless and that's what integration is and so when it comes to how we make pictures, we understood from the beginning, yes the technology is changing but we are telling stories, we are making art.

(Via Dustin Kirkland.)

Pixar's RenderMan turns 25