Searching for meaning on the Internet and across the Metaverse

The latest in a long line of promises to write more. But wait! There's something different this time.

Searching for meaning on the Internet and across the Metaverse

Every year, almost universally about this time, I go through a phase where I post something to the effect of, "I'm going to write more on this site this year." Without fail, I never stick to that. I write a post or two – I have the best of intentions! – but then something happens. I get distracted. Work takes over. I start playing way too many games. Whatever the cause, I lose focus and don't maintain this site like I should. I knew this moment would come again in 2022, but this time, I hatched a 3-month plan to ensure I could stick to that commitment this time.

I haven't posted here or mentioned it on Twitter yet, but since late November or early December, I've been silently making changes to this site, to make this thing more fun to update and easier to maintain. I moved the hosting of this site from my own self-hosted setup to Ghost Pro managed hosting. I made subtle updates to the theme. I have also been in the process of tightening up the content to better reflect my interests and approach to running a site.

Why the change then?

Apart from the above stated goals, I took a new job in November which gave me back some personal time for my own side projects. I spent some time soul searching for how I wanted to spend my personal time. Running my own site and writing more always seemed to be top of mind.

Given the idea that writing always comes up, I spent the last month really searching within myself about why this is. I'm talking the kind of soul-searching, quest for meaning that is the stuff of epic movie plots. I asked myself a bunch of questions about why I'm doing this, who would want to read this, and even why am I working in the tech industry in the first place.

I think I understand now. I get both the source of my need for this and also the areas where I might have something new to say. Or at least something to say that is (hopefully!) worth other people's time.

So here's the pitch

I live my life online – both personally and in work, and even in game worlds – because it provides opportunity for me. Quite literally!

Working remotely has allowed me to have a nice career from this small town in Alabama where I live. I've made friends for life that started as purely online friends from work. I've been part of some really awesome communities and experiences that wouldn't be possible without the Internet. I've learned a lot through all of that, and I think I can share that insight and experience with other people like me from small towns, limited opportunities, or other situations where a life living, working, and playing online can be something really transformative.

I'll be posting multiple times a week, sharing links to stuff I find interesting, writing updates about the things I'm doing, and really going in-depth with tips and tricks about living and working online, particularly with a focus on building a life on the Internet that spans work, gaming, and virtual worlds. There will be lots of use of the word "metaverse" here, so be warned. There are much better sites on business strategy and much better people to follow for understanding the Metaverse, but I might have something to offer for the person who's looking to find fun ways to mix and match between the two.

That's the hope anyway! We'll see if all this lasts. But I really do have a good feeling about it this time.