We’ve been chatting about dev process at work, and I’ve come to realize most people settle on a dev process all wrong. People either pick one from some agile religion they’ve bought into – “scrum is what everyone is using” or “lean is so hot right now” – or they pick a little here and there from different philosophies, with no real clue what works or doesn’t work. My advice: figure out what you value first and match your dev process to those values.

We all spend a lot of time figuring out what we value in our products – easy to use, elegant, does ‘X’ better than anyone else, and so on. We need to spend just as much time figuring out what we value in how we build that product.

Do we love iteration? Do we love getting the product perfect before showing it to users? Do we value an engineering-driven culture? Or do we love cross-discipline teams?

Once we answer these sort of questions, we should match our development process to those ideals. Pick a process that reinforces what you value. With this approach, you won’t pick too much process or pick a process that doesn’t work for you. Settle on just enough process to reinforce your values and support your team. Perfect!

Settling on a development process