Y’all heard of this guy Joss Whedon? He did Buffy? And Firefly? Also The Avengers? And Toy Story? (Seriously, he co-wrote Toy Story.)

Well, Bellwether Pictures and Mr. W. just released a cool new movie called In Your Eyes. It has a supernatural boy-meets-girl vibe and you can see it RIGHT NOW for a measly $5  powered by Vimeo On Demand.

So prepare your eyeballs! And watch it now!

Oh, hmmmmmm, must go check this out. Pretty cool to see Vimeo doing VOD, too.

vimeo: Y'all heard of this guy Joss Whedon? He did Buffy? And Firefly? Also The Avengers? And Toy Story? (Seriously, he co-wrote Toy...