Over the course of November and December, as Wendy and I were preparing to launch Mix It Up! Online, I spent a lot of time vlogging. You can check out my vlog on my YouTube channel. I’m still learning, but I think the videos turned out decent for a beginner vlog.

I started this mostly just to figure out how Wendy and I might use video as part of our Mix It Up! Online strategy. I’ve always enjoyed filmmaking and videography, too, even though I had yet to have done anything with it. Surprisingly, I learned a lot in the process, so I thought I’d share a bit of that here.

Routine Wins

I vlogged for a month straight. Every single day. I got up every morning doing video edits. I posted a video every single day.

It was a lot of work.

The routine was rewarding, though, and honestly, I think those early videos have a certain quality to them because I got in a rhythm. And that rhythm had other side effects. I guess the best way to describe it is that I was more fully present and noticed more about what was happening during my day.

Making Content Takes Time

…a lot of time.

Seriously, I have some mad respect for people like Casey Neistat who put out high quality videos each day. Editing in particular is so time consuming. I’m getting faster the more that I do it, but you reach a point where you just have to put in the time.

Gary Vaynerchuk always talks about putting in the work, and I’ve always worked hard. But producing content every day is a different kind of work. It takes a real devotion and discipline that other work doesn’t.

Capturing Life Makes It Special

This one is kind of silly sounding. Philosophical even. But it really resonates with me now.

I would often just video what was happening around me thinking “this is so boring” or “how will I turn this into a vlog?” Then, I’d start breaking up the footage in an editor and see the little funny moments, or see a cute interaction with my kids, and realize something about myself that I hadn’t ever realized.

Being fully present each day, capturing the moments on video, and turning that into web content really made me appreciate the mundane aspects of life more. Even if I’m vlogging a little less now, I am so glad that I did it so intensely for all those weeks.

Just try it! Really…

If you’re thinking about vlogging but are nervous about it, just give it a try. You might be like me and be surprised by how much you enjoy it and surprised at what you learn from it. I found a lot of joy in doing it, regardless of what might happen with the videos.

What I Learned From Vlogging